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Welcome at Cattery el Rincón

Nice that you came across our web! We would like to welcome you at our page.

We are a small Norwegian Forest Cat cattery, located in Barendrecht, pretty close to Rotterdam. Nowadays we, Estela (coming from Spain) and Wesley (from the Netherlands), are living with four Norwegian ladies: Cajsa Från Stenfjällen, Cilla Från Stenfjälle, Lyali de Noldor and el Rincón de Ava (daughter of Cajsa). We are a member of the FIFE registered club Mundikat.


A quick flashback to the year 2017, the year in which we welcomed our two first Norwegian Forest Cats. We saw Cajsa and Cilla on a picture and we felt directly in love with them, resulting in the need to go to see them and when we did we felt even more in love with them. What followed was a very hard choice; to have to chose between the two sisters. How we did not want to make that decision, it made us decide giving them together a forever home. In the following year, we added another lady to our household: Lyali de Noldor.

Later on, with the first litter of Cajsa, we welcome our last lady till now, Ava, who was the only surviving cat of this litter.

In the beginning the idea was to have them as house cats, but after our positive experiences with shows and being completely impressed with their behaviour (and their fantastic personalities), we were actually falling more and more in love with this special breed, resulting in the wish to become a breeder one day ourselves. Our dream became reality in 2018, the year in which we acquired our own cattery name, giving us the possibility to contribute to this special breed and the corresponding (original) breed standard. 

Breeding philosophy

We find it extremely important to acquire all the knowledge available regarding the Norwegian Forest Cat (and cats in general). It is for this reason that we have done the G1 and G2 courses from the Paw Academy. Currently we are on the waiting list for the G3 course.

Our breeding philosophy is simple: maintain this beautiful breed by focusing on healthy descendants and to approach the original breeding standard (FIFE) of the Norwegian Forest Cat as close as possible. 

Hopefully you will enjoy our website. If you have any questions, doubts, or feedback, please don't hesitate and contact us. 



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